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When you think about local businesses you instantly see people walking in the store and get the services or products they were looking for. Although direct mail will still be a good strategy for most local businesses, what business owners fail to realize is that with people are mostly either on their smartphones, tablets or computers. You got to be where you customers eyes ball are. That alone should be the first order of business. Luckily with the internet and the great SEO Tools available, small businesses in Melbourne don’t have to guess on whether people are looking for their services and products. They can use accurate data to make smatter strategic decisions. Below are the basics every business should do to systematically get more customers.

Google My Business

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It’s no secret that Google is the world biggest search engine. Google My Business with allow you to have business card online for your business. People looking for your service will instantly have access to your phone number, your address with direction, reviews and more. This alone will improve your business search traffic thus more potential customers (if your website is decent). The image above speaks for itself in terms of visibility and trustworthiness. Any SEO company in Melbourne will be able offer such service at starter price.

Social Media 

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If you are a plumber in Melbourne and think you have no business being on Facebook, then you should think again. Although there might no be a lot you can talk about on Facebook, however you can always educate your customers about small things related to plumbing, this alone build trust which is rare in your industry. Instead of searching for “plumber Melbourne” your prospect will search instead for “your business_name plumber”. I hope you see how valuable Facebook can be.

You should also consider social media platform. Each platform has his own approach in term of attracting more customers. A fashion designer might use Instagram and Pinterest while a plastic surgeon will only need Twitter.

Website SEO Analysis

If you have completed the above you have done what the majority of your competitors aren’t doing. Now it’s crucial that you optimize your website for Search Engine and for your visitor.

By making sure Google bot (Bing as well) can effortlessly crawl your website will make you rank higher in search results. This include technical analysis as well as qualitative analysis usually called On Page Optimization. This will ensure that the search interpret your content properly the way you intended.

Website experience is definitely very important since it’s the last step before getting that call or that visit from your potential customers. You will want a clean and modern website. If you are definitely just a local shop in Melbourne not taking any online orders then this is very simple. Just make have the most important things on top such as phone number, and other call to action (Book Now, etc.. )


Technology is changing very fast and with it goes the way we do business and the marketing strategy we use to get ahead. This is an opportunity because the competition is not adapting fast enough and the Darwinian theory will definitely apply here. Spend couple hours a week on the above or hire an SEO Company in Melbourne like Shaba Digital Marketing and you will get ahead much faster and much efficiently. If you would like to contact them, you can call them on 1300 485 885 or get in touch by going to their Official SEO Melbourne LinkedIn Page.