What is Good For Your Eyes

Eyes are the most notable of all body parts. Other than helping you to see, they also contribute to a person’s aesthetics. Can you imagine a face without eyes? Of course if your eyes are fully functional the better. This is why there is need to improve eyesight naturally, unless there is an existing medical condition. To add to a person’s aesthetics, some people will tell you to get rid of eye bags along with red eye and disorganized lashes among others. But what exactly is it you need to do to keep your eyes at top shape?

Eat a balanced diet with lots of eye friendly nutrients

Improve eyesight naturallyWhat you eat will reflect on your eyes, not how they look but how well they function. Foods rich in Vitamins C and E will greatly enhance vision while foods rich in omega 3, zinc and lutein will keep age related eye illnesses such as cataracts at bay. Such foods include carrots, salmon, green leafy vegetables, oily fish, non-meat protein sources and oranges or other citrus fruits. In addition to proper feeding, exercising is important in controlling diabetes which can cause blindness in adults.

Love your sunglasses, and wear them!

Cataracts and macular degeneration around the eye (mostly seen in older persons) is caused by over exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Sunglasses especially the ones that are wraparound will protect all areas of the eye. It is a good idea to wear anti-glare sunglasses that will protect you from the sun’s glare particularly when driving.

Stop smoking or hanging out with people who are smoking

Smoke is lethal to your eyes, just like it is to the rest of the body. When smoke gets into your eyes, it could lead to macular degeneration, optical nerve damage and cataracts. These conditions could possibly lead to blindness.

Wear protective gear

If you are working in a workshop or playing a game with potential to injure your eyes, make sure you wear something for your eyes. This can be goggles, eye or safety shields and eye guards. Eye protective wear is made from a material called polycarbonate which has ten-fold strength over the ordinary plastic.

Give the computer a break

Computer light, coupled with poor posture while working can be as bad as exposure to the sunlight. To protect yourself from eye (and back) injury from using your computer, follow these simple rules:

- Follow the triple 20 rule – look up every 20 minutes, look at a point 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds

- Use an antiglare screen, and keep away from lit areas that could reflect light back toy your eyes

- Blink, and moisturize by drinking water

- Adopt an upright posture

Protection is better than cure, thus opt to improve your eyesight natural with the simple methods highlighted. Other than the above mentioned methods, remember the most natural way of achieving naturally strong eyes and getting rid of eyes bags; always have enough sleep.

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